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Turn your cards green and plant forests
as you shop.


Trees Planted

54,140 kg

CO2 Offset

Zeeco is a plugin for your
bank cards that makes them eco friendly

Everyday our purchases impact on our environment
and contribute to our carbon footprint.

Zeeco lets you effortlessly offset your impact
without changing your life.

Zeeco calculates the CO2 generated by the things you buy

You choose a budget to offset your carbon footprint impact each month

We fund global reforestation projects to absorb your CO2

Offset each transaction

Zeeco will calculate the CO2 produced by the things you buy each day, so you can offset each of your own purchases as you make them.

By analyzing and categorising your expenses directly from your bank feed there is no need for you to keep track and add what you buy. It will be done securely and automatically.

Make a real plan

Learn how your behaviour links to your environmental impact.

Zeeco can show you how your footprint changes over time, where your footprint is highest and helps you set and work towards goals by suggesting changes you can make to reduce your impact.

See the good you accomplish

Zeeco will work automatically to offset your environmental impact and help move towards a greener future.

Each month watch your forest grow and see what great projects you have supported with your contributions. You can also learn more about your footprint and how to reduce it.

Global Results

We support Eden Reforestation Projects, a global charity dedicated to fighting extreme poverty by helping locals plant and maintain healthy forests.

Bank Level Security

We integrate with SaltEdge, a secure open banking software platform trusted by top companies like Oval and Wiz Money and linked with thousands of banks throughout the world

Only Pay For What You Create

The cost of Zeeco depends on your monthly carbon footprint. The bigger it is the more trees we need to plant to offset it. We offset a minimum of 0.14 T of CO2 each month for $2.20 USD, then $5.50 per tonne of additional CO2 you produce. For an average person in Europe Zeeco will cost around $5.50 USD per month

Build Your Plan

Select your monthly carbon footprint below to see how
you can offset your personal impact.

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UK Average
Canadian Average
European Average
Adjust Your Impact
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per month
Trees Planted: 24
CO2 Offset: 1.70T

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