Our Cause

Our climate is changing, every year the accumulating impact of global warming becomes more obvious and destructive. From the devastating forest fires in Australia to more frequent and intense storms & heat waves around the world.

The effects are far more than simply higher temperatures, climate change is causing the sea levels to rise, with the potential to displace millions of people from their homes. Smog and air pollution cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

The Earth is our one and only home, and we must take care of it, for all our sakes. Sustainability needs to become an integral part of our daily lives to mitigate and reverse the effects of our changing climate. Zeeco is a simple way to begin to reduce your own carbon footprint, by allowing you to automatically offset the emissions produced by each purchase you make.

Our Story

Everyone knows about Global Warming, we have been warned about it time and again for years, given deadlines and predictions of catastrophe. For me, and for many people, It always felt like something looming in the future.

However, after years traveling through Europe constantly hearing people say “It's not normally like this.” or “There is usually more snow this time of year”, after experiencing heat waves and mild winters, droughts, forest fires, and ‘once in a lifetime storms’ It became very clear that climate change is not a future event. It is here now.

With this realisation like many people I began adjusting my lifestyle, changing my diet and the way I shopped, to reduce my own impact. It’s hard to make these types of changes, sometimes you simply need to fly, or to drive to work or buy new clothes. And I found that even with the changes I was making my personal carbon footprint was far far higher than where I needed to be.

Zeeco came about when purchasing a flight, I clicked the checkbox to offset the flight's emissions by adding a few dollars to the price. I stopped and thought why not have this option for every purchase I make? Dealing with the environmental cost of the things I buy is part of my responsibility for buying it in the first place.

WIth a background in financial technology programming, my twin brother Ben and I designed a system to do just that, bringing sustainability into everyday life.

Zeeco is not the solution to the climate crisis, it is one small change among many that will help us create a safe and prosperous future for everyone.

Jon Krebs

Founder of Zeeco

Jon Krebs

Ben Krebs