The security of your information and above all else access to your sensitive banking and transactional data is a critical priority for us. We would like you to feel secure and trust that any data we store for or about you is safe.

Access to our website is always protected by SSL certificate encryption, this is a standard method of protecting websites, this means that all information being sent between the server and your browser is securely encrypted and cannot be used if it is intercepted. Our SSL certificates are replaced frequently as an added security measure.

All data stored in our databases and storage accounts are encrypted at rest meaning that even if the data were to be accessed without authorisation it would be unusable.

The most sensitive data we handle is everything related to your banking services. We integrate with Stripe and SaltEdge to provide our payment and open banking services, Both of these companies adhere to strict security regulations meaning that your data is protected by global companies with bank-grade security, trusted by millions of people around the world.